Edna's Work

Edna wrote, drew, painted, mothered and farmed as her principle activities. She was equally expressive in sketching, etching and lithography as the illustrations above show. Unfortunately her execution of designs in all these media was affected by a recurrent problem of acute arthritis in her hands which finally stopped Edna's creative output just after the Second World War. A further tragedy was the loss of most of two decades of work kept in her studio in Gray's Inn which was destroyed in a bombing raid in 1941. What remained after the enemy action was left exposed to the elements and later pulped for re-use as a wartime resource. Despite these setbacks there is much of Edna's art in public and private collections around the world along with considerable biographical material. Fortunately there is enough of Edna's fine work available to present a long overdue and representative catalogue and exhibition - both of which are in the initial stages of development. Meanwhile this website is an attempt to fill a gap and introduce the work of this neglected romantic genius to a wider world.

Edna's place in British Romanic Art

Edna's work in public collections

Edna's work can be presented in several categories:-

Early student work.

Figures and family.

Illustrations to Wuthering Heights.

Landscape and still-life.



Autobiography, manuscripts and letters.

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